The focus in IPGR research work is especially set on increasing the competitiveness of glass-containers against other materials due to light-weight and stronger containers, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes due to the intelligent use and development of innovative materials, and better control of manufacturing processes due to simulation and benchmarking.

Starting with the batch material, new glass compositions and optimisation of current batch composition has been investigated in respect of meltability and energy consumption. Other projects used available production data with state-of-the-art evaluation algorithms. In most of the projects, IPGR combines the operational and practical experience of the IPGR members with the theoretical and fundamental approach of universities and research institutes. 

On the melting side IPGR is working on improving the energy efficiency of current melting techniques and assessing innovative new melting concepts to enable considerable energy savings. Other focus is set on the batch materials with new glass compositions or optimisation of established glass compositions. 

IPGR projects also reacts on new development and demands such as the implementation of forming simulation, automation or changing demand of the industry in respect of the working conditions and demographic change.

In summary, the research objectives in IPGR are:

  • Increase competitiveness in- and outside container glass industry
  • Optimising of the production process, for example with new coatings for the glass contact
  • Increase container strength and quality
  • Validate new processes
  • Process and product simulation
  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce process emissions, for example CO2