About us

The IPGR members represent now more than 16% of the world wide container glass production capacity.

In contrast to other renowned international federations, such as the European Container Glass Federation FEVE or the Glass Packaging Institute GPI, which represent the lobby interests of the glass container industry in Europe and the USA respectively, IPGR focuses on R&D followed by practical application. IPGR creates a vital, international research network and conducts development projects with glass container manufacturers in non-competitive markets.

From 2000 to 2016, IPGR has been based in Switzerland, operating under Swiss law. Since 2016 IPGR is based in Germany. IPGR pursues the membership of technologically-leading glass container manufacturers worldwide. Over the last decades, IPGR attracted in total 11 members.​ Recent new members are BA Glass (Portugal) and Stoelzle Glass Group (Austria).

The focus of IPGR research work is on increasing the competitiveness of glass containers versus alternative choices. Improved competitiveness is achieved through increasing glass strength, precision control of the manufacturing processes and optimising the forming process.

Additionally (and most likely the major topic for the glass industry in general) by working on improving energy efficiency in glass melting and reducing emissions IPGR is also creating a benefit for the container glass industry.

The organization

Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to increase and maintain the competitiveness of glass in the packing industry by research and development programs, the commercialisation of R+D results as well as individual cooperation between the members of the association.

Name and seat of the association

International Partners in Glass Research (IPGR) e.V., Nerscheider Weg 170, 52076 Aachen, Germany.

The constitution of the association (IPGR) dates from 25.04.2016

The organs of the association:

The organs are the executive committee and the general manager. The executive committee consists of all members of the association. It elects the chairman and decides in all questions of general policy and business. It appoints the Managing Director of the association, who is responsible for all research and development projects and administration.

Besides of the above mentioned two organs there is a technical committee and a furnace committee established. These committees meet frequently and take care of all R&D and development projects referring to their area of expertise.


Dr. Guido Stebner (Vetropack)
Deputy Chairman
Dr. Thomas Struppert (Wiegand-Glas)
Managing Director
Dr. Dominik Orzol
Project Manager R&D | Technical
Dr. Swantje Thiele
Project Manager R&D | Furnace
Simon Pietsch

Executive Committee (EC)
The Executive Committee consits of at least one decision maker from each member.

The Executive Committee usually meets once a year and decides upon IPGR roadmaps, legal issues, budgets and on continuation of projects based on recommendations of the Technical Committee and the Furnace Committee.

Technical Committee (TC)
Consists of technical experts from member companies.

The Technical Committee usually meets twice a year to discuss and coordinate all R&D projects with regard to their area of expertise.

Furnace Committee (FC)
Consists of technical experts from member companies.

The Furnace Committee usually meets twice a year to discuss and coordinate all R&D projects with regard to their area of experience.